York is a city everyone should visit at least once

Located in North Yorkshire is the city of York, which is a walled city with a cathedral and a history stretching back for two millennia. This is only the history of the modern city however, and it is expected that the area of York was inhabited as long as 10,000 years ago.

The current city was founded by the Romans and it was the capital of the province. The Romans left at the turn of the 15th century and it was taken by the Angles, who renamed the city Eofowic. It became the capital of Northumbria, until the Vikings captured the city in 866AD. Once again they renamed it and expanded its reach to be the capital of the North of England.

After the Norman invasion it got its current name of York and it became known as a major centre for trading wool. It was also known as being one of the power centres for the Church of England and this has been retained to this day, with the other major power city being Canterbury.

York has been an important city for many centuries because it is halfway between the capital cities of England and Scotland, London and Edinburgh respectively. This was particularly important when the railway system was being built in the country, as it was a place halfway in between for people to stop at.

The city was very industrial during the 19th and 20th centuries, but in recent decades this is largely been lost. It was also known for creating confectionery and chocolate but this has also been abandoned by the city in recent times. It was once known for being a manufacturing centre for Terry’s and Rowntree, however these factories have closed down many decades ago.

Today the major industry in York is its university, tourism, and health services. York Minster is one of the most popular tourist attractions and it was built in the seventh century.

York is also the home of the oldest school in England, St Peters School. During the Norman invasion, York was severely damaged when its citizens rebelled and the invaders burned down a great amount of the city. This included the original Minster which was made out of stone. After the invasion, a new Minster was built on the same site and recent archaeological digs have found the original fortifications made by the Romans in the city.

York also has several infamous events throughout its history including being the site of a mass killing in the late 12th century. The Jewish population of the city were attacked by a mob and they hid inside Clifford Tower. After hiding in the tower for a few days someone started a fire and all of the people inside died. York is also infamous for being the birthplace of Guy Fawkes, the man who attempted to destroy the Houses of Parliament in 1605.

There are not just negative associations with York’s history however and it is more commonly associated with the railways. If you’re interested in railway history then you should visit the National Railway Museum which opened nearly 40 years ago.

The city of York is very easy to reach because there is an excellent train service running between York and London, which only takes two hours. The city has also been recognised by Europe as being a top city for tourism and won an award in 2007, beating competition from 130 other European cities. Once you have spent some time exploring York, you will be able to enjoy a beer at one of the cities numerous public houses or pubs.