Why a smaller airport makes for a more relaxing start to your holiday

Although many of the larger international airports boast a bigger and better shopping experience, more destination options and a variety of departure times, they can sometimes be a little overwhelming. This is when a smaller airport can make for a more relaxing start to your holiday.

Travellers that quite simply wish to saunter into a less-busy airport only an hour prior to departure are able to do so quite easily. The key is to opt for a smaller airport. Such an airport will boast fewer queues, just the one coffee shop, a small duty-free section and a lack of crowds. All of these factors make for a more hassle-free boarding experience.

Quick and easy

Another virtue the smaller airport has to offer is its actual size. There is no need to set off hours in advance in order to reach your allocated gate. This is mainly down to the fact that most of the gates are situated less than a five-minute walk away. Passengers that wish to speed the process up even further can do so by checking in online. Those with only hand luggage need not even visit the check-in desk on arrival, which of course allows for more time to relax and unwind.

Checking in online promises to be an easy process. Those that have booked a flight with Flybe can quite simply visit Flybe from their home or work computer. On entering the site, they will be asked for their flight details. This will then give them the option to print out a boarding pass. This exact method not only saves a great deal of time, it also allows the holidaymaker to skip the queues and jump straight to the departure lounge.

Norwich airport

Norwich airport offers a total of 27 destinations with Flybe, many of which are based in the UK and some of which are based in Europe. Those wishing to invest in a variety of cheap flights UK are able to source an array of departure options, all of which leave from Norwich.

Flying from a smaller, less renowned airport often allows for greater savings. Regardless of whether you are travelling for business, pleasure or alternatively to meet up with family and friends, opting for budget flights is a great way to save a little money. Popular destinations from Norwich airport include Belfast, Manchester, Paris and Edinburgh. Many businessmen and women often commute to meetings using these exact routes.

Driving from the likes of Norwich to Edinburgh could take up to eight hours; the petrol use alone would also come at quite some cost. This is just one of the reasons many choose to fly. Not only is it seen as a hassle-free option, it also allows the customer to relax and unwind. Fighting congestion charges, parking fees and heavy traffic will only add to the stress of your journey. Having someone else do all the work for you will allow you to arrive at your meeting, family event or weekend away in style and looking as fresh as a daisy.