Visiting the lovely town of Sedbergh in Cumbria

Sedbergh is a small town which is one of the favourite tourist destinations tourists from the UK. The town is situated near the hills of the beautiful Cumbria, right inside the Yorkshire Dales National Park. The town’s position reveals some amazing views and gives visitors the opportunity to travel through the unspoiled nature in the area.

Sedbergh looks like a typical old town and consists of a very narrow main street surrounded by tall shops. The area offers many outdoor activities and shopping options, so it is a great choice for a peaceful and quiet holiday.

The most popular industry in Sedbergh is raising sheep and harvesting wool from them. This is why the hills surrounding the town are full of sheep, where they are sheared. The wool gathered from the sheep is taken to the mills where it is turned into yarn.

The families living in Sedbergh use the yarn to knit clothes which can be purchased from the local shops. The biggest mill in the area is the Fairfield Mill which is open for tourists and you can visit it to take a closer look at the weaving equipment and process.

Another popular destination in the area is Holme Farm. The farm is annually visited by thousands of families who want to observe and interact with different breeds of goats, poultry, cows and sheep. The attraction is especially loved by children who want to play with the baby animals which can’t be seen in the big city.

If you want to have a good time, then it is recommended to take a trip around the area. They are also bike and horse tours available in case you are too tired to walk kilometres through the countryside. The area offers many outdoor activities like sailing, golf, fishing, walking, etc.