Visiting London? Should you choose a short let apartment or a hotel?

Whether you are planning to visit during the Olympics, booking a city break or need to go away with work, one of the main decisions you’ll need to make when visiting London is whether to stay in a hotel or apartment. As a major world business centre and tourist destination, London has no shortage of options for visitors to choose from when looking for accommodation. The main two options are hotels or short let apartments, the latter of which is fast gaining popularity amongst visitors.

Here is a quick rundown of what needs to be considered when making your choice:

The price. In the main, apartments represent a cheaper option than hotels, particularly if your stay is going to last a number of weeks or even months. Hotels charge by the day, meaning your final bill, after a month-long stay in a capital city, factoring in food and drink too, will be sizeable. Also, in terms of square footage, a short stay apartment is very likely to be much larger than your hotel room as it will feature a living space/bedroom, kitchen area and bathroom.

Flexibility. Hotels can be quite restrictive as you’ll have set menus and times when you can eat and may be bound by curfews. With an apartment, however, you’ll have the freedom to come and go as you please, will be able to host guests without disturbing other residents and can live within a smaller budget as you’ll be responsible for your own food and drink.

Service. Part of the additional cost of a break in a hotel is due to the greater level of service you can expect than in an apartment, such as bed linen being changed on a daily basis, bathrooms cleaned, room service, meal preparation etc. Serviced apartments have a different kind of service; your space will be clean and ready for your arrival and without daily cleaning from staff your stay will feel a lot less intrusive.

Oscar Jackson works with Welby, providers of short lets in London. He commented that “At the end of the day it is down to how you want to spend your holiday. Short stay apartments are increasing in popularity due to the flexibility and freedom that they offer, not to mention lower prices and a more authentic atmosphere of your holiday location.”