Visiting Farringdon in Oxfordshire

In Oxfordshire is the market town of Farringdon, which is located right on the edge of the area of the Thames Valley. This town is very historic and it has roots dating back to the Anglo-Saxon period. The etymology of its name actually means that it is a hill covered in ferns and it was once a destination where the king of the country had a palace. The town is particularly famous for its market which originally started over eight hundred years ago.

If you are coming to this town then you should definitely visit the folly which is located right at the top of Farringdon Hill. This folly was originally the location of a fort as it provided a defensive ring for the town. Now you will find a notable landmark which can be seen from a long way away.

You should also take time to visit Ashdown house, which is built in the Dutch style and was originally constructed in the 17th century. You can explore the inside of this building and you will find many wonderful paintings as well as its spectacular staircase.

You will also be able to enjoy incredible views of the surrounding area from the top of this building. There are also grounds surrounding this house which are worth exploring as there are some fantastic walks to be had through the woods.

You should also visit what is thought to be an ancient religious site, at Dragon Hill, where you will find a great deal of speculation and myths about what is the importance of the hill. Some people think that it is the location where King Arthur’s father was buried.