Visiting Dartmouth

Dartmouth is a town with an incredible amount of wildlife and many natural attractions that are perfect for a family to explore. If you really want to learn about wildlife, both modern and ancient, it can be a great idea to head with your family to the Combe Martin Wildlife and Dinosaur Park.

This is a part that has an incredible range of animals including meerkats, Wallabies, Lions, and many others. Of course, it doesn’t actually have any real live dinosaurs, but it is a great destination to learn about the creatures.

This place can be a great destination to come to for an entire day and you will not have to bring your own food as there are plenty of places to eat on site. Unlike some other parks, the food here is excellent and reasonably priced.

One of the best attractions to see while visiting this park would be one of the animal performances. The sea lion performance is regarded as one of the best attractions in Dartmouth and this is something that certainly shouldn’t be missed out on a trip here. The wallabies also have a show at the park which is really quite remarkable.

If you are planning to visit Dartmouth, one of the best options for accommodation can be to stay in a holiday cottage. This will mean that you have a comfortable place to stay during your trip and will be able to easily explore the surrounding area.

Most of the cottages in Dartmouth are self catering and have all of the modern facilities you might need to prepare your own meals and live in comfort.