Visiting Broadway in the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are one of the most popular tourist areas the south west of England, and here you can find the small and delightful village of Broadway. This is often referred to as the jewel of the Cotswolds and is a place where you will find grass fringing the main streets and the entire area lined by chestnut trees.

The buildings here are all made from wonderful Cotswold limestone that is a rich honey colour. Most of these date back to the 16th century and this was once a stagecoach stop in days gone by, and at one time would have been incredibly busy.

Many famous people over the years have made their home in Broadway, including Vaughan Williams, John Singer Sargent and Mary Anderson. It was during a Young Archaeologist’s club outing that many important discoveries were unearthed. These showed that life in the area dated back to Roman and mediaevel times. One of the biggest discoveries was a Mesolithic flint works and put life her as dating back 5000 years.

This is also a fantastic location for those who love to browse for antiques, as well as a great central location from which to fully explore the Cotswold’s area. There are numerous local attractions to that will keep you busy in between exploring. These include the likes of the Broadway Tower, Snowshill village and the Gordon Russell Museum.

One thing you must remember is your camera, as there are so many sights you won’t want to miss capturing. Whilst holiday snaps have died out somewhat in this technological age, you will want photographic memories of your time in the Cotswold’s as it really is like taking a step back in time, and you will want to share your experiences with friends an families when you get back home.