Visiting Alnwick in Northumberland

In Alnwick, you will find one of the most incredible fortified buildings in the whole of Europe. It is also one of the largest inhabited castles in the country, and many people refer to it as the Windsor Castle of the North.

The castle was originally constructed in the mediaeval times, and since that point, it has remained very well maintained. The castle is perhaps most famous for its role in the Harry Potter series of films, where it represents the wizard school, Hogwarts.

This castle also has incredible gardens, which are a great destination to come to with the family, as it can mean you can spend a whole day here, exploring the castle and relaxing in the gardens. The garden is very cleverly designed so children will also have plenty to do, as there are lots of activities. For adults, they will find that there are many plants which are sure to fascinate, and the amount of plant life here is incredibly diverse.

The town in which this Castle is based was originally a market town, and if you are coming to this part of the country, then it’s a great idea to also explore the local town. You will find that it has many narrow alleys, cobbled streets, and incredible stone buildings.

There are many shops here that maintain a very traditional feel, and you will find cosy bookshops, and other specialist retailers selling a wide range of different goods. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to take part in around the local area, which can be a great place for children to blow off some steam if you are on holiday with your kids