Vida Villas – holiday home away from home

Vida Villas, a family owned business that provides a relaxation oasis on the beautiful island of Mallorca, invites tourists from all over the world to enjoy the comfort of staying in a privately owned villa, townhouse or apartment while being on holiday.
Having a portfolio of over one thousand properties, many of them with private pools or by the beach, Vida Villas offers travelers a chance to combine holiday relaxation with home comfort. After all, what could be better than privacy? That is what you receive if you decide upon this type of accommodation. You have the liberty you have at home, the space and the tranquility that cannot be surpassed by any hotel.
Imagine these scenarios, first – you decide to go on holiday with a bunch of friends and want to throw a party by the pool, would you rather stay at a hotel or in a private villa with its own pool? I believe you would choose the villa. If you worry about catering, don’t as Vida Villas will put at your disposal chefs and catering services so all you will have to do is enjoy and have a great time.
Second scenario – you and your family plan a trip, but you know your children are loud and love to play by the pool. Do you stay in a crowded hotel or in a private villa with a pool? I am sure that children could never have a great time if they are not allow to jump in the water or laugh as loud as they can. Children are innocent, they only want to have fun so when they enjoy themselves and are being noisy is just who they are. So grant them the liberty to be children, have fun, lots of laughter and a great holiday.
Last scenario – being away with your partner. When staying in a privately owned apartment or house you can get the intimacy you have at home while being away on a romantic holiday.
Having travelled a lot, the owners at Vida Villas have stayed mostly in privately owned properties. They know what a traveler, a guest needs to have the most incredible vacation there is and will provide you with the perfect holiday home and the requested services to make it as comfortable and unique as possible.