UK road trips on 2 wheels

Road trips are nothing new, and our American cousins are very big on throwing stuff into a car and hitting the road and just going with the flow and seeing where they end up. There is a freedom that comes from this kind of trip that you are unlikely to experience from travelling in any other way, and while it may seem prevalent in a country the size of the US, an increasing number are choosing to take road trips in the UK.

Now some of you will be immediately thinking how on earth can you go on a full on road trip in Britain and where would you go. The fact is that in between John O’ Groats and Lands End, and beyond when you class all the islands, there is a wealth of town, country and coastline to be explore, and some gems to find that you would probably never have imagined.

An increasingly popular way of taking these road trips is on 2 wheels, with an ever increasing number of motorbikes appearing on our roads due to the extortionate costs now tied to running and maintaining a car, it makes sense that these riders, especially those who get a real thrill from it, are going to want to ride and ride, and there are many tracks around the UK inaccessible to cars that motorbikes can travel along with very little trouble.

If your sense of direction isn’t that great and you intend travelling around an area you have never visited before, living in Scotland and touring Wales for example, there are some great companies online who will help you plan some guidelines for the trip. These are not strict itineraries but will help you from getting lost, hopefully, and make sure you get the best out of your road trip and don’t spend hours driving around searching for civilisation.