Travel Republic add a further 35,000 accommodation options to their portfolio

Travel Republic, the global travel company, have added 35,000 village properties, ski chalets and cottages to their range of accommodation across 8,000 locations.

The company has received many requests from customers who encouraged them to add cottage rentals across the UK, villas in continental Europe, some ski chalets for popular skiing destinations, as well as a few locations farther away.

To highlight the best short-term discounts on holidays, the company has updated their web site to add a holiday deal search function to help visitors who are looking for that holiday bargain.

The search tool is ideal because the company has grown so much that they now offer more than 250,000 properties around the world, so any assistance online to help customers narrow their choices down is likely to be well received.

Just enter your budget range and where you want to go, and you can then see what holiday deals are currently available. Searches can also be narrowed down by choosing the specific airport you wish to fly out from, the planned duration of your holiday and what standard of accommodation you are looking for.