Top London attractions

There is no question that London is the most popular tourist destination in the whole of the UK. For a very long time it has been popular and this is largely due to the wide range of activities and attractions that can be found in the city. There are a few destinations in the city that are ever popular favourites and in this article we are going to look at just a few of them.

The London Eye is probably one of the newest attractions that has appeared in London that makes a top 10 list about most popular attractions. This is the highest observation wheel in the world, and it has 32 individual capsules, allowing people to ascend to enjoy an incredible view over the centre of London. Whether you choose to ride this attraction in the day, or at night, you are sure to enjoy an incredible view over this enormous city.

One of the most traditional places to visit is the Houses of Parliament, and the attached Big Ben. This is very close to the London Eye, and just being able to see Big Ben is a great opportunity for people who’ve never been to London before.

The home of the Queen is also another very popular destination, this is of course Buckingham Palace, and anyone who is coming to visit the city should make sure that they see this incredible building. The changing of the guard is a real draw of Buckingham Palace, and it is something that can be seen outside the gates at 11:30 every day for free.

Finally, you should make sure that you visit the Tower of London, which is certainly one of the most famous buildings in the world. It has a history stretching back over 900 years, and visiting here you get an incredible insight into its remarkable history.