Top 5 haunted hotels in the UK

If you love the thought of a ghostly experience or just like the idea of seeing a floating spectre then there are plenty of places in the UK where you can visit. Maybe you have never seen a ghost and are just itching to see one out of curiosity?

Maybe you’re already a seasoned ghost hunter and have had experiences in the past and are interested in having more? Possibly you are just a thrill seeker who likes to scare yourself – You’ve seen horror films and read ghost stories and now you want to scare yourself with the real thing? Or just maybe you are a non-believer and want to see for yourself what all the fuss is about?

Well, whatever your motivation, there are indeed places in the UK that you can visit that will give you the haunted house experience. There are plenty of hotels across the entire UK that claim to be haunted. Some of the haunting are claimed proudly by the hotel owners themselves while other hotels actually try to keep it a secret and it is indeed the visitors that report of ghostly sightings and hearing bumps and screams in the night.
We have listed the top 5 haunted hotels in the UK right here. If you are brave enough, you might just want to go and visit one of them!

Shipwright Arms
We start our journey of haunted hotels in Kent, the garden of England. In Hollowshore in Faversham to be exact.
Just the look of this hotel will instantly make you believe it is haunted. It was built 300 years ago in the marshes by the side of an inlet and was a mile from the nearest house.

The story goes that in the 19th Century a ship sank in the nearby waters. Everyone lost their lives apart from the captain of the ship. He struggled to stay afloat but managed to get himself to the muddy flats where he struggled to pull himself out of harm’s way. The whole area was pitch black due to there being no other houses around here, the only light to be seen was the light from the Shipwright Arms.

The captain made his way towards the Shipwright Arms in a bit of a state. He was soaking wet, exhausted and hurt, not to mention the fact that he had seen his friends and crews go down with the ship. When he got to the Shipwright Arms and knocked on the door in hope of getting dry and having a place to recover he was turned away. He looked such a state that the female owner got scared and closed the door on him. The captain had no option but to sleep outside on the doorstep but his injuries combined with the cold killed him overnight. The owner of the inn opened the door in the morning to find his dead body.

It is a sad story but is said that the captain was incredibly angry at the owners of the Shipwright Arms about this, and understandably so. It is now said that this captain haunts the hotel and often visitors have reported suddenly feeling the air turn deathly cold around them. Other visitors have reported often suddenly smelling the smell of tobacco, rum and tar.

Most disturbingly is the sound that many people in their rooms have reported to hear. The sound is apparently of a scraping and dragging sound that can only be assumed to be the captain dragging his body up to the door step just as he did all those years ago in the 19th century, only to be turned away and allowed to literally lie down and die.

The Three Crowns Hotel
Visit Chagford in Devon for this one. The origin of this haunting dates all the way back to 1643 but the building actually dates back even further right back to the 13th century.
It is said that the haunting is from a man called Sidney Godolphin who was a poet and killed during the civil war. He was shot and died on what is now the hotels porch.
The people who have seen this ghost claim that he seems very friendly and does not seem scary. He is seen walking the corridors in full military dress and with a plumed hat. Many have seen him and new reporting’s are regular.

Weston Manor Hotel
The Weston Manor Hotel is in Oxfordshire and has had reporting of ghosts and ghouls as far back as the 11th century.
In the 11th century this hotel was actually a monastery and Sister Maudes used to come over to see the monks. It is not known whether Sister Maude’s intentions were as clean as they should be or not, but either way, she was found in one of the monk’s cells one night and she was blamed for leading him astray. She was promptly burned at the stake for breaking her vow of chastity despite her claiming her innocence.

She is said to be a friendly ghost and is most often seen in the bedroom with the 4 poster bed where many believe she was caught.

White Swan Inn
The White Swan Inn is near Birmingham and has been haunted since the 19th century although the White Swan itself actually dates back to 1714. It was used by a man called John Wentworth who used to meet his mistress here. They were desperately in love but unfortunately one night his love was crushed beneath a wagon that had lost control. He killed his dog and then killed himself. He is now seen wandering the inn looking lost and apparently searching to find his love once again.

Highwayman Inn
Another hotel in Devon, the Highwayman Inn has been around since the 13th Century and was originally called the New Inn.
The hotel is said to be haunted by a small group of sailors who lost their lives after a voyage that went terribly wrong and ended up in scurvy and frostbite across the whole crew.
Reports of sightings include a sudden smell of rum and beer while others have heard the echoing cheers of drunken sailors along with loud laughs and clinking of glasses. Many others have reported gusts of wind and a sudden drop in the temperature which then goes as quickly as it appeared.
Spend a night here…If you dare!