Top 10 Places to Visit in the UK

Whether you are interested in a buzzing nightlife, soaking up culture or taking in beautiful landscapes, the UK has a multitude of locations for you to visit.

1.) Stonehenge (Salisbury, England)

If spirituality fascinates you, then Stonehenge will be the ideal destination for you. Originally erected for the purpose of paganism, many people still flock to this site on the longest day of the year to see the sun rise and set. It is said Druids built the circle of stones to hold religious ceremonies, but the construction is still a mysterious place because of the controversy that surrounds it. An enigmatic spectacle, it is one of England’s most treasured locations.

2.) Windermere (The Lake District, Cumbria, England)

The largest lake in England, Windermere is situated in Cumbria in the North West of England and is home to some of the most stunning views in the country. Although infamous for rain, the district is still beautifully picturesque even on wet days and is rife with wildlife and greenery, making it one of the most attractive sites in the country. Fishing, hiking, sailing and camping are all popular activities in the area.

3.) London (South East England)

Packed full of culture, London is England’s capital city and is the ultimate place to go to soak up some of the rich English culture. With an incredible nightlife, a variety of places to eat, numerous attractions, popular shows dominating the West End and plenty of art galleries, visitors to the city will never get bored. With so much to see and do, it is no wonder there are more than 30 million visitors to the city each year!

4.) Bournemouth (Hampshire, England)

A great family destination, Bournemouth is famous for having one of the most beautiful beaches in England. Close to the New Forest (a huge National Park filled with natural beauty), it also is a great place to escape to for walks, bike rides, and horse rides. A great place to get to grips with nature, Bournemouth is a great summer destination for its beaches, where you can surf or body board, or is a great place to soak up some history by visiting Corfe Castle or Robert Louis Stevenson’s home.

5.) Snowdonia (Wales)

If you want to visit huge expanses of untouched landscape, then look no further than Snowdonia. Covered in beautiful mountains right on the coast of England and Wales, this National Park is the ultimate destination for anyone who enjoys walking or cycling in areas with stunning views. With a range of other attractions and events throughout the year, you will have plenty to do whether you visit on your own or with your family.

6) Giant’s Causeway (Northern Ireland)

A breathtaking sight, this area is popular with tourists for its bizarre yet beautiful appearance. With thousands of huge columns of basalt rock which line the coastal border, ancient myths suggest that this amazing site was created by giants. Some parts of the rock formations are totally inaccessible which means that they have retained their natural beauty for hundreds of years and this has made the causeway a popular destination with tourists since the 1600s!

7) Roman Baths (Bath, Somerset, England)

Dating back over 2000 years, the Roman Baths in Bath are one of the most interesting historic attractions in the UK. Not only have the buildings and structures been extremely well preserved over the years, they are also steeped in history and were still popular in Jane Austen’s lifetime which is why they have featured often in her novels. Hot springs are situated on the site of the baths, and it was this natural occurrence that many Romans believed was created by the gods. Visit the baths to learn about their rich historical culture and you will leave feeling truly enlightened.

8.) Oxford (Oxfordshire, England)

Not only famous for England’s oldest University, Oxford is in fact home to attractions, museums, churches, castles, and some beautifully architecturally creative buildings. Just outside of Oxford there are many designated walking routes, places to explore wildlife and even visit some old stately homes that are steeped in the rich Oxfordshire history. Whether you are camping, staying in a quaint B&B or treating yourself to an upmarket hotel in the city’s centre, there is plenty to do and explore, whatever your interests.

9.) Edinburgh (Scotland)

Popular for its rich culture and history, Edinburgh is a place to visit if you like art, history, culture, and architecture. The city is packed full of famous attractions, including the magnificent Edinburgh Castle. Standing tall over the city, performed events also take place in this incredible venue making it one of the “must see” parts of Edinburgh. With many theatres, galleries, cathedrals and a variety of parks to visit, the city has much to offer its visitors, no matter what their interests. The Royal Botanic gardens and the Lothians are great places to be spend time outside, and there are plenty of open spaces to explore on nice, sunny days too.

10.) The Cotswolds (England)

Right in the Heart of England, in the Stroud District, the Cotswolds stretch over miles and miles of perfectly blissful hills and vales. Interspersed with streams and quaint little towns and villages, the Cotswolds are great for taking in amazing views and even hand gliding, camping, horse riding, cycling or hiking to take in even more of the idyllic scenery. Officially given the title of an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty”, it is not only beautiful, but the Cotswolds area is also home to some quirky traditions such as wool sack racing and cheese rolling.

Regardless of your interests, hobbies, or preferred holidays, there is something to intrigue everyone in each of these top ten places. Not only can you soak up some of the UK’s rich culture and take part in some exciting activities, by visiting these places you will truly be able to appreciate all the beauty the United Kingdom has to offer.

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