There’s still time to book your trip to a British Christmas market

Although many of us automatically think of European cities such as Prague and Cologne when it comes to Christmas markets, the UK has been quietly improving its quality, and quantity, of Xmas markets over recent years. The results being that you can now travel to several major cities in the UK and enjoy a great festive treat with a market that looks as if it has stepped straight out of a fairytale.

The big bonus of visiting a market in this country is the travelling. Bus, train, car, the options are there for you and there’s no worries about those Christmas goodies taking you over your luggage allowance. Many continental sellers make the trip over here to take advantage of the burgeoning trend in British Christmas markets too so you won’t feel as if you are missing out on those little treats that were previously only available overseas.

Another plus is the fact that due to the reduced travel you can take a day trip to these markets and don’t have to fork out for accommodation. You cannot deny that taking a flight to a Xmas market is very exciting but the hotels in the immediate vacinity charge top dollar during the festive period so to make this trip worthwhile you may find you are in a hotel miles away from the market itself then have to rely on local public transport back and forth.

Bath, Worcester, Edinburgh and York are just 4 cities with impressive markets, stunning decorations and other attractions to entice visitors. Not to mention they are also 4 of the most picturesque cities to visit at any time of year but they really push the boat out at Christmas. It isn’t long now until Christmas so now is the time to plan your trip to a British Christmas market, guaranteed to get you well and truly in the festive spirit.