There’s a lot more to Bakewell than puddings

Bakewell is a small market town that is situated in the district of Derbyshire Dales that is the only town that is actually a part of the Peak District National Park sitting inside of its boundaries. It is also known for as the namesake and origin of Bakewell pudding and is about 31 kilometres to the south of Manchester.

Tourists looking for the culinary delight and a small weekend holiday getaway location often choose Bakewell due to its close proximity to the Haddon Hall and Chatsworth House as well as the many outdoor activities that are offered at the national park.

The town originally could be reached by rail but now the trains towards Bakewell stop in Matlock from Derby and in Buxton from Manchester at which point the local bus service can be used for the duration of the travel.

Over the years there have been talks about extending the preservation Peak Rail line into the city and reopening the Wye Valley line into the city but at the moment no action has been taken. The Monsal Trail portion of the old railway track does offer a nice walking, horse riding, and cycling path into the city that is free of motor cars.

The economy of Bakewell is based in part on tourism both locally and abroad and is especially a popular location on Mondays when a traditional town market is held in the town centre. The rest of the main economic pursuits are based in agriculture and natural pursuits as the Peak District National park Authority is a large employer of those that live in town.

The NHS cottage hospital Newholme Hospital that sits across from the park authority is the other major employer in the town and offers outpatient medical services to Bakewell and surrounding communities.