There is much to enjoy on a trip to St Albans

Around 60,000 people live in St Albans, which is a town that is located in Hertfordshire in England. This means it is around 20 miles north of the capital city. This history of the town dates back to the Roman times and it is thought that this is when the city was initially founded. Today, it is very popular with commuters who work in the capital city, but don’t want to live there. Its close proximity means that it is a relatively short commute for City workers.

The town has always been popular with people who are travelling from London and in the olden days, before modern transport was developed, it would be the first stop people made after leaving the capital city. For this reason, during the Tudor period, many inns were constructive that remain until the present day. The town strong history means that there are a great deal of sites to see here related to its history including the clock tower, Cathedral and its Abbey.

There are also a great deal of cultural activities in the area and there are numerous concerts and theatre productions held throughout the year. There are several venues in the town for performance and one of these is the Abbey. The town has a symphony orchestra and several choirs which, if performing when you’re in the town, are certainly worth seeing.

Sports are also very popular in the town and it is the site of one of the first skate parks that was installed in the country. There is also a local rugby team and football team which are worth seeing if you have the opportunity. St Albans is a town that is definitely worth visiting, especially if you make it part of your holiday by taking a short day trip from London.