The UK finally offers cheaper holidays for those staying at home

A lot of people are opting to stay in the UK as opposed to going abroad for their annual family holiday this year. This is not only because it can work out cheaper but also because of all the extra hassle involved with flying nowadays. It has just become too much for some people to go through all the rigmarole of extra rules and regulations at the airport.

It used to be the case that it was much cheaper for a family to go abroad for their holidays but at last the tourist industry in the UK has cottoned on and this is not now the case. True, you cannot always rely on the weather here but even that is not such a big issue these days.

There are many seaside resorts here in the UK where many families enjoyed their holidays in the days before flying was available to them. Now there seems to be a resurgence in people flocking to these places. Skegness, on the Lincolnshire coast is one such resort.

Skegness is a great place for a traditional British seaside family holiday. The beach looks out on the North Sea and Skegness has all the good old amenities you would expect from a seaside town such as donkey rides, fish and chips, a fairground, candyfloss and’kiss-me-quick’ hats. More importantly, it has the EU Blue Flag so you know the sea is clean and safe.

If the weather does turn nasty then there are plenty of indoor activities around the town to keep you and the kids occupied. There is plenty of choice of accommodation from campsites to top-notch hotels and there are plenty of restaurants as well to suit all tastes. So if you are staying in the UK this year, check out Skegness, it is well worth a look.