The return of tradition: caravanning is back in favour in the UK

Caravanning holidays are being touted as the remedy to cash-strapped families seeking an affordable holiday, but they are nothing new. On the contrary in fact, caravanning holidays are something of a British tradition. Way back at the turn of the last century two caravanning clubs, The Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan Club were set up to bring people that enjoyed caravanning and possessed a love for the great outdoors together. These two clubs are still going strong today and have been joined by a whole host of other camping and caravanning associations and informal groups. The industry has been growing steadily since WWI and according to the National Caravan Council, the caravan industry including motorhomes, touring caravans and static caravans, is now worth over £1 billion to the British economy.

However, during the 1980s and right up until the last recession, caravanning clubs were not expanding at such a rapid rate. As cheap package holidays to the Med began to make overseas sunshine holidays affordable to the masses the appeal of British caravanning holidays began to wane, especially among those that had yet to try it. Spending a week in a caravan in a rainy Britain didn’t seem anywhere as attractive as jetting of to the Costa Del Sol to frolic in the sunshine for seven days, often for not a huge difference in cost either.

But things are now changing, or reverting back to what they once were. Not only are low-cost holidays not as ‘low cost’ as they once were, but the appeal of the UK as a holiday destination is once again beginning to return. Companies such as Park Resorts are now branching out into sales and it offers many caravans for sale at almost all of its UK holiday parks. This is to keep up with growing demand not just for camping holidays, but also for caravans for sale. People are falling in love with the lifestyle that their parents and grandparents used to enjoy.

Of course the recession may have been the instigator and we may have all been pushed rather than pulled, but the outcome is the same. The great British countryside, her historic cities and world-renowned culture are once again drawing domestic as well as international tourists. People all over the country are discovering just how beautiful the United Kingdom actually is and how much it has to offer.