The Peak District the first National Park in British Isles

The Peak District, famous for being the first National Park in British Isles, exudes of so much magnificence and that you won’t fail to notice why it has captured the awe of the many tourists that have continuously trickled to this part of the UK.

A visit to this area will land you in the most magnificent parts if of the British countryside characterised by well maintained natural environment. It is arguably one of the best countryside holiday destinations in the entire rural England.  Characterised by beautiful nature, a variety of wildlife existing in their natural habitats, historical sites like castles and ruins and the remaining traces of revolution cotton mills, which is an exhibit of the industrial revolution.

Bakewell and Buxton market towns owe their existence to agricultural heritage and are a good representation of rural experience. They form a major source of income in the area being a major player in the tourism industry.

It was in The Peak District, Derbyshire countryside that industrial revolution began in the 1700 and 1800s. It took place within close by towns and villages which still exist up to date. There still exists much evidence of the industrial revolution era existing to date. There are many textile mills that have been converted into museums whereas others have been converted to leisure establishments. A visit to this place will offer you a clear glance at how it felt to work and reside here close to 300 years ago.

Tourists come here to National Park see the adorable countryside environment and to indulge in a variety of outdoor leisure activities whilst the beautiful rural landscape that exhibits broad diversity.