The culture of Birmingham

Birmingham is a city that has a wide range of museums, and they will cater to a wide different number of styles and tastes. For example, if you are interested in history, there is a history museum, but there are also some more unconventional varieties, for example, the chocolate museum in the city.

Certainly the most famous museum in the city is the Birmingham Museum and Arts Gallery. This is famous for its collection of incredible paintings, especially those that have been painted by the Pre-Raphaelites. For those who enjoy art, they should definitely plan to spend some time here, as you will be captivated by the incredible painting selection.

Another great art gallery to visit would be the Barber Institute. This is much smaller than the public gallery of art, but the collection here is very specific and enjoyable. This gallery is perhaps best enjoyed by those who have a particular fondness for art, as it is a more demanding gallery.

If you are interested in history, and would like to get an understanding of coal mining in the 19th century in the various villages that surround Birmingham, visiting the Black Country Museum is a great idea. This is a museum that is located slightly outside of the city, but Birmingham’s excellent public transport, means that it is easy to reach. This museum will provide a fascinating insight into what the coal industry in the UK was like.

Lastly, the chocolate Museum in the city is definitely worth visiting. Cadbury’s chocolate has been made in Birmingham for a very long time, and Cadbury World, the museum, offers a behind-the-scenes experience of what the creation of their chocolate is like.