The Cotswolds in the summer are an absolute delight

The summer is one of the best times to visit the Cotswolds region due to the fact that sunny weather will make it possible to get outside and explore the honey limestone villages and stunning scenic countryside in full. Throughout the region there are also plenty of attractions to easily keep visitors occupied and plenty of great towns with rich histories.

One of the real attractions of the Cotswolds are that they are a true taste of rural England reflecting English charm and character with plenty of great market towns and stunning villages. If you are planning a visit to the area than the following list of towns may prove helpful.

Located close to the northern corner of Gloucestershire is a small town called Stow-on-the Wold that has the highest settlement in the area. It is located close to Roman Fosse Way and dates back to the Iron Age. Like most of the towns in the region, the buildings are made out of honey limestone making it a very authentic Cotswold town. Fairs take place in the town every year with an annual horse fair held every year that has been a treat since 1330.

Although great borough to check out is Malmesbury; which coincidently happens to be one of the oldest boroughs in England. It sits on top of a hill adding to its charm and is surrounded by the River Avon forks featuring many steep slopes that help to almost form a natural forte.

The stone walls that were used to help protect the town are still standing today adding to the charm of the town along the many weavers’ cottages that spot the High Street. The town was known predominantly as a wool town in the past but today is known for its many independent and small shops.