Taking a boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads

If you are wanting to explore some of the fascinating waterways that are found in England then coming on holiday to Norfolk as well as the Norfolk Broads can be a great idea. The Norfolk Broads are one of the largest wetlands that are nationally protected in the UK and this is because they are home to an incredible amount of wildlife.

If you are travelling in this part of the country then you are going to find a huge number of places where you can moor up your boat along the waterway and explore some of the surrounding area. Alternatively, if you choose not to travel by waterway, there are many roads running through this area which will allow you access by car.

One of the most beautiful market towns in the area which you should visit is Wroxham. Many people regard this is the capital of this part of the country and during the summer months it really comes alive with activities. As the weather gets better many local events take place which are well worth coming to visit and taking part in.

Another beautiful village in the local area is Woodbastwick which has recently been awarded the title of the Country’s Best Kept Village. This is a place that is very tranquil and you will find it a perfect place to come and unwind while you are on holiday. You can also wander around the village and explore its ancient church and enjoy some of the beauty of the thatched roofed houses which are typical of this area of England. If you are interested in ales, you should also make sure you visit the Woodfordes Ales Brewery.