Take the family for a great day out at Chessington World of Adventure

Chessington World of Adventure is a great destination for a family day out and although most people know it is a theme park, they will also find a zoo at the attraction with many different animals. If you are visiting this attraction with your children, you will be pleased to see that there is a zoo as it will mean you get the most amount of money for your ticket.

As part of the zoo there is also an incredible aquarium which features such fascinating animals as rays and sharks. Of course, once you have seen all the animals in the zoo you are probably going to want to seek several thrills on the park’s big rides.

One of the most problematic things about visiting a theme park, especially in the summer holidays, is that they are going to be very busy. This means that you are going to have to queue for several rides and this can waste a large amount of your day. Fortunately, Chessington offer something that allows you to jump the queue although this will add a small fee to your ticket.

If you want to have an unlimited queue jump pass for the day you’re going to have to pay £50 on top of the ticket price. Alternatively, you can buy passes that allow you to ride two of the attractions for seven pounds, or you can ride four for eight pounds.

This can be a great way to save some time value in the theme park and make the most of your ticket. Alternatively, if you need to save money, it can be a good idea to visit outside of the summer holidays and go on a day when the weather is not so good – this will mean the park is far less busy and so you won’t have to wait very long anyway.