Take a walk back in time when visiting Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall was initially constructed about 1800 years ago. The construction of the wall was not just a political statement but was also designed to keep the Scottish people at bay.

The construction of the wall was a real demonstration of how powerful the Roman Empire was, especially when you consider that this was the most northerly point of their empire, which stretched south all the way to Iraq. In total the Roman Empire stretched for over 2500 miles.

Hadrian’s Wall is named after a famous Roman Emperor who ordered the construction of the wall. It took a huge number of slaves as well as 20,000 soldiers to complete the construction which was made entirely by hand.

The wall runs for over 70 miles and it was maintained by the Roman Empire for a quarter of a century before it was finally abandoned around 400 A.D. By this time the Roman Empire was falling and they were simply unable to keep up the maintenance of the wall.

In Northumberland you will find the best section of the wall that has been preserved into the present day. Here you will find a part of the wall that stretches for over 10 miles and when you consider how long ago it was built it is really quite a remarkable achievement.

The size of the structure means that it is the largest classical ruin in the country and it would certainly rank as one of the most impressive ancient sites in the northern part of Europe. If you are coming to this area it can be a great idea to stay and explore for a few days. If you are looking for somewhere to sleep it can be a good idea to visit the Langley Castle Hotel. This is a building that is over 700 years old and is a fascinating place to stay.