Take a trip to Woodstock for a great day out

If you are wanting to visit an English town which has plenty of history then you should consider visiting Woodstock, which has roots dating back to the 17th century. Woodstock is also famous for the many important people that have been born in the town over the years. It is the birthplace of Winston Churchill as well as the son of King Edward III. Woodstock is also the location where the half sister of Mary I was held after Mary was executed.

This part of England has been a very popular tourist destination for hundreds of years, and it is estimated that it first became popular during the 17th century when the Duke of Marlborough came to the area.

There was a local pub here called The Bear which is thought recorded crowds of people visiting every week. Up into the present-day Woodstock has enjoyed a great amount of tourism and other than that the town’s main source of income comes from the manufacturer of gloves.

If you’re visiting here you are going to see a great deal of elaborate buildings including palaces and museums. One of the most impressive is Blenheim Palace, which is certainly the most popular attractions for tourists in the town. You will find a museum here as well which has a great deal of information about the archaeology of the area as well as the history of its art.

You should also take the time to visit the Oxford Bus Museum Trust as well as the Pitt Rivers Museum. Woodstock is an area that has a great amount of history, culture and art, if you are interested in exploring this sort of thing then you should definitely visit.