Take a trip to the Oxfordshire town of Burford

Located in the west of Oxfordshire is the town of Burford. If you’re looking for a place with a quiet ambience to visit, then you should really consider heading to this town. It has a small selection of shops, and enjoys an old worldly charm that is so prevalent in many of these Oxfordshire towns.

Many people call this town the Gateway to the Cotswolds. This is because many of the traffic that goes through the town is heading to this part of the country. There is an incredible bridge which has three arches and takes most of this traffic. This is a site that is well worth visiting while you are in Burford.

The town is particular well known for its small antique stores, which you can browse around for some fascinating antiquities. There are also several art galleries in the town, where you can view work by local artists, as well as those from further afield.

Most of the shops that are found in this town are owned by individuals, and not chains. This can be a welcome relief from some of the larger towns found around the UK. If you are looking for something distinctive to purchase then Burford will really be able to satisfy your needs.

The history of this town is long and interesting and it was originally built in order to take advantage of the wool trade. Many of the original buildings in the town were constructed with profits that were gained from businesses in the wool industry.