Take a trip to Llandudno for some great old fashioned fun

There is something for almost everyone in Llandudno, where one can find seaside shops right in the town centre, while the outskirts offer calm and breathtaking views from the Great Orme. Llandudno is the top choice for travellers looking for a day out, either alone or with the entire family.

The Great Orme is steeped with culture and history, making it a wonderful destination for a holiday. From the top of the Great Orme, you can see the rich landscape of Anglesey all the way to the Isle of Man and Blackpool. You can reach the top via the Great Orme tramway built during the early 1900s, which was restored to provide all the visitors with the opportunity to experience the same journey experienced by people decades ago.

The tramway adds flavour to your holiday by allowing you to enjoy the headlands copper mines dating back to the Bronze Age, Iron Age and even several remnants of the Stone Age.

The Rocky Pines Adventure Golf is another highlight of the area, found at the Great Orme’s top itself, right next to its summit, adding an opportunity to have crazy golf fun while enjoying the view. This golf course is great for both adults and children, making it an excellent way to bond with the family. The admission rates to the golf course is quite reasonable, considering the activities and fun that can be had in the place.

Llandudno is also a great place to shop in, because there is a wide variety of everything for everyone. At the town’s end part, you will find a lot of shops offering different bits and bobs, such as clothing, baked goodies and jewellery.

If you go to the other end of Llandudno, you will find modern and bigger outlets that sell a wide variety of clothing labels and household knick knacks that will entice you to spend your entire day just shopping. You will have different options in terms of shops, retail parks, and stores to choose from, and it’s convenient, too, as all of these establishments are just within walking distance from each other.