Take a trip to historic Colchester

Located in Essex is the beautiful historic town of Colchester. This town is the home of around 180,000 people and is the largest town located in the borough of Colchester. If you are looking for a great place in the UK to visit, then you should certainly consider Colchester. It is a place with a great deal of history and so is going to be very appealing for people with an interest in this, they will find the local museum is fascinating and exploring the local history is a delight.

One of the museums is focused on telling the story about Roman Colchester and this provides a fascinating insight into the history of the town. There is also another museum which is particularly great the kids because they have an exhibition that is dedicated to children. In the town centre you will also find a Museum that has a fascinating clock collection by Bernard Mason, which will be a fascinating insight into the history of timepieces.

Colchester is also particularly well known for the arts and there are numerous live music venues all throughout the town. If you are coming to the area it is worth checking out the various concerts that are happening during your stay as you will probably find something that you enjoy.

Alternatively, if you are not interested in museums or music, then you should visit the zoo. For a relatively modest sized town, the zoo is very large and has a wide variety of animals including elephants, giraffes and lions. The zoo boasts that there are over 200 different species that can be seen on a visit to this attraction. While the attractions in the town are really delightful, one of the main reasons you want to visit Colchester is simply because of its incredible historical beauty.