Take a different route with the best UK Trail Running Destinations

One of the best ways to see the natural landscapes and terrain of any country is by exploring the trails and paths through woodlands, mountains and coastline but sometimes as there is so much to discover it can be difficult to cover distances quickly enough, so why not find the best local routes, grab your trainers and get running.

If you aren’t familiar with trail running or have yet to try your abilities running off-road then it can take some getting used to as the types of terrain can frequently vary and are often unstable with elevations that can push you to the limit so it’s best to run a few near to you before trying marathon length trails.  However if you are experienced or fancy taking in the natural and man-made wonders while running the best trails then here are a few UK destinations you must visit –

Dorking, Surrey

Home to the numerous Trionium marathons and races; Dorking is very picturesque market town with plenty of heritage to explore and is near the stunning North Downs.  Depending on the time of year you visit you can take part in the official events or just run the trails yourself as there are many types of races and routes to run there is plenty of choice depending on your abilities and preference.  The Picnic Marathon is said by many to be the most gruelling route in the UK with a total of 6,000 feet in ascends and a surprising amount of steps with dirt tracks and stony trails too and there are two routes to the popular Leith Hill.  The Leith Hill Half-Marathon is the top voted half marathon in the United Kingdom with the bulk of it taking runners through multiple terrain types that is often unstable, but you can also run the popular Greensand Marathon that takes you to Leith Hill as well but by way of a longer, tougher track during October and offers zero protection from the elements.

Lakeland Trails, The Lake District

Located in the beautiful Lake District, the Lakeland trails are a series of different races from full to half marathons to shorter 10km trails and challenge races you can take part in.  As the courses take runners through privately owned land as well as public routes you can only run them during the organised events but they all offer quite a challenge for runners of any ability while taking you through the stunning landscapes.  The Lakeland Trail Marathon is often called the most scenic trail marathon in England taking runners around Coniston Water and provides breathtaking views of Lake Coniston and its surrounding peaks before taking you near Tarn Hows and Blea Water which you won’t want to miss, making it an adventurous way to take in the sights.

The West Highland Way

This mammoth 96 mile run is certainly one of the best ways to see scenic areas of Scotland if you have a few days to spare here and there.  There are three ultra marathons you can take part in; The West Highland Way Race, The Highland Fling and The Devil O’ The Highlands or you can enjoy the shorter sections you can run that range from 2 miles up to 20 miles.  At the end of the West Highland Way is the tallest mountain in the UK; Ben Nevis which you can climb, though it’s recommended not to try after running the routes just before hand.  All along the routes you’ll find amazing views and scenery with beautiful lochs and past local towns and villages but the weather is constantly changing and unpredictable so you may start a race with bright sunshine but end the race in the middle of a downpour, but either way you’ll have an experience you’ll never forget.

There are many other races and trails to discover across the UK that are equally as challenging with captivating views so you can truly enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.