Stress Reliever Headoc Now Raising Funds on Indiegogo

Say goodbye to migraine medication and over the counter headache cures! A brand new product has launched which can relieve all kinds of headaches, tension, migraines and anxiety – without even seeing a doctor.

Headoc is the innovative handheld device that utilises vibration, red light phototherapy and negative ions to treat pesky headaches, as well as stress and anxiety – and best of all, you don’t need an expert opinion or so much as a painkiller. The device is currently the subject of an exciting Indiegogo campaign to secure funding that will put the Headoc into production, and the makers of the pioneering gadget are urging backers to get behind the device and ‘press the stress away’.

Research has shown that around 75% of adults between the ages of 18-65 in the world have experienced a headache in the past year. The Headoc is designed to provide immediate relief to those who suffer from these painful and often disruptive episodes. The wand-shaped device, which users press to their head, uses massage therapy to relieve stress and aid fatigue. The red light phototherapy aids rejuvenation and boosts energy metabolism in muscles and bones, and the negative ions provide a calming, positive environment free from tension or headaches, as felt in fresh air near waterfalls or the ocean.

With the product having launched on Indiegogo, the clock is ticking to help secure funding for this product, which could end up changing the lives of those suffering from debilitating migraines or anxiety. The team behind the Headoc are aiming to raise $10,000 in order to put the product into full production and make them available to the public.

Amir Porat, CEO and Founder of Kencap Medical Solutions, the company behind the Headoc, says, “We’re incredibly excited about the launch of the Headoc on Indiegogo, and we’d urge all those who have ever suffered a headache to get behind it and back the campaign. We’ve been healthcare innovators for over 20 years, constantly pressing to find the solutions to common ailments – and we feel we’re onto a winner with the fantastic Headoc. No more potentially addictive painkillers, no more trips to the doctors – just a portable, handheld device that can ease tension and lessen the effects of headaches instantly.”

The gadget has been designed to promote relaxation and wellbeing, and draws inspiration directly from the Eardoc – a similar Kencap Medical Solutions creation which has significantly helped many people suffering from recurrent ear infections or ear pain. By using three technologies already established and proven in other successful devices, Kencap Medical Solutions hope to tackle a multitude of everyday problems with simple, handheld devices.

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