Staycations in the UK

The Staycation. We’ve all heard of it. A modern portmanteau (a combination of two existing words to form one new one) to join the likes of the spork, the liger and even wikipedia. In case you haven’t guessed a Staycation is an amalgamation of the words stay and vacation, staying at ‘home’ to take your vacation! The word was added to the Oxford dictionary in 2009, just in time to provide a name to the recent sensation of remaining in the UK come holiday time.

Its first mentions are traceable as far back as 2003 since which its popularity has continued to grow. And why not? There are a great many benefits to choosing a staycation. Staycations cost far less than holidays involving great deals of travelling with much shorter distances needed to be covered. And on the subject of travel, with much less of it to do there will inevitably be less stress as you avoid the great levels of stress that . You will also have the knowledge that you are helping out the UK economy by putting money back into the system.

But why have Staycations suddenly become so popular, Britons have been able to holiday at home for years! Last year the Government launched its Holiday at Home campaign and it would appear it was successful.

A survey carried out by the English Tourist Board: VisitEngland shed some light on the increased popularity of staycations last year. Last year saw 1 in 10 people cut their holiday spending by choosing England rather than going abroad. It is unclear why people chose to stay at home, it could be a result of the economic downturn or the amount of events on in the UK last year. The same survey found 14% of people changed their holiday plans as a result of the 2012 events including the Summer Olympics and Diamond Jubilee.

The summer festivities were a worldwide hit and no doubt encouraged those who witnessed the events to visit Britain. But the survey also revealed that 20% of people felt more likely to take a holiday in Britain as a result. Choosing to stay in the UK gives you a chance to discover new favourites and revisit old, afterall most of us will not visited the main UK attractions, yet alone the hidden gems.

The UK has so much to offer in the way of luxury, from the beaches of Cornwall to the mountains of Scotland. Luxury staycations offer holiday makers looking to holiday in the UK the opportunity to enjoy their holiday in total luxury. And don’t forget that as well as having a good time, you will also be helping to put money back into the economy!