Spend a holiday on England’s Sunrise Coast

If you want a perfect place in the UK to spend a holiday with loved ones or friends then the Sunrise Coast is a fantastic location.

It is a place that manages to blend seaside activities with modern living and it is in a beautiful part of the Broadlands.

One of the most popular cities to visit on the Sunrise Coast is Lowestoft, which is a major location for maritime commerce as well as fishing. The area becomes very popular in summer because there are a series of racing competitions for powerboats which people come to watch.

Aside from the racing competitions the main reason that people come to the Sunrise Coast is because it is a perfect place for enjoying a relaxing holiday. The town is very vibrant and there are beautiful white sand beaches which are perfect for taking long walks. The town is also great for children as there are plenty of attractions for them near Clermont Pier, such as donkey rides.

Boating trips can also be enjoyed on the Norfolk Broads which offer an opportunity to cruise around the lakes and rivers in the area. Many hotels in the area will organise a tour for you if you ask and there are also many other activities that you should consider organising through your hotel. Fishing could be one of these, and whether you are an accomplished fisherman, or just a beginner, there is plenty on offer in the region.

For those who want to get away from the coast and explore inland then there are plenty of other towns to visit. Southwold is a typically English town and there are a number of attractions as well as a stunning pier. Pakefield is famous for its church overlooking the Suffolk coast, and is definitely worth a visit if you are coming to this region.