Some of the numerous attractions in London

London is definitely the most famous city in the UK and because of its status it is a tourist hotspot. There are many attractions targeted towards tourists in the area and it can be a wonderful location for people who want to take a city break.

If you want to see some of the most famous sites in London, then you should head to Westminster. Here you will find Big Ben as well as the Palace of Westminster. Buckingham Palace is also close by and is one of the attractions that most people who come to the city want to visit.

A short walk from Westminster is Covent Garden. This is an entertainment district with many shopping opportunities and is home to many of London’s most famous theatres. Another great location to see some stage performances is on the South Bank.

Here, you will find many restaurants facing out onto the river where you can enjoy a drink, or some food, while enjoying a spectacular view of the cityscape. The South Bank is also the location of the London Eye and if you are wanting to get an aerial view of London, then there are no better opportunities than this.

For those who are interested in art then you should visit the Tate modern, which is a short walk from the South Bank. Once you have seen this art gallery you should head to the National Portrait Gallery where you will see some of the most famous portraits in the world. While these are some of the most major art galleries in London, there are also plenty of smaller ones which are worth exploring.

After a busy day in London, you can relax and enjoy an evening out in the city and for late-night entertainment consider heading to Soho.