Some great ways of spending an enjoyable family holiday in Wales

Wales could be an excellent place for enjoying an activity weekend with your kids in this summer. It offers a stunning landscape, plenty of activity options and great outdoor facilities for spending some memorable times together.

With most kids enjoying cycling, going through the countryside riding on a bicycle could also be a wonderful idea. Along with its 331 miles of traffic-less routes, Wales is a perfectly suitable place for cycling.

Among the numerous trails, some are especially suitable for family cycling, one of them is the route running from Rhos-on-Sea to Pensarn. This route allows the tourists to enjoy the beautiful Colwyn Bay, while providing scenic views of the nineteenth century Gwyrch Castle situated between Abergele and Llanddulas.

Wales is also renowned as a popular walking destination, and it has solid grounds for its reputation. The attractive national parks offer dramatic coastlines, amazing mountain ranges and appealing wildlife, providing the walkers with a rare chance of experiencing real-time adventure.

Brecon Beacons National Park is one of the most favourite parks in Wales. The park authority provides a booklet named Wildlife Walks containing twelve best trails to find out the best of natural world. Another excellent family walking destination is the Lake Vyrnwy, locating in the slope of Berwyn Mountains. The rich combination of flora and fauna has made this place a pretty touring place.

While touring with younger kids, pony trekking could be an outstanding activity. Wales has a lot of pony trekking facilities including Carmarthenshire’s Pembrey Park Riding Centre.

This pony riding company makes sure that children have at least an adult accompanying them while riding the horses. The friendly staffs of the company are always there to teach the basic lessons of horse riding. They will teach the kids how to control the horse and to make sure it is going in the right direction.