Sit-On-Top Canoes and Kayaks For Beginners

HB Canoes and Kayaks, one of UK’s exclusive supplier of canoes, kayaks and paddling accessories , is calling out to all new group of budding young canoeists, inviting them to experience this extraordinary hobby with a premiere sit-on-top.

Sit-on-tops are extraordinary learner kayaks, which is perfect for people who haven’t given the thought of going to the water with a solo raft a hesitation.  Currently HB Canoes and Kayaks are doing their best to encourage canoeists and kayakers of new generation to grab their paddle and give it a go, using one of the well-known sit-on-top kayaks from one of the best manufacturer in the world.

Philippa Hale of HB Canoes and Kayaks, said, “As part of the canoeing and kayaking community, we love to encourage the next generation to pick up a paddle, jump in a kayak and see how much they love spending a day on the gentle River Wye.  We are about 8 miles from the closest put in point on the river but are ideally positioned to get to any point on the canoeable section Wye in 40 minutes or less with the most popular sections of Ross on Wye and Symonds Yat being less than 20 minutes away. Our range of high-quality sit-on-top kayaks are perfect for those who consider themselves beginners and want to hone their skill a little more before they switch to a sit-inside. We have a fantastic range of branded kayaks from some of the world’s most renowned providers, and we allow all of our customers a test run on our private lake to ensure they’re fully satisfied with their new purchase before they depart for a life of paddling!”

Sit-on-tops are ideal for learners, not only because they are easy to extract oneself from should the kayak capsize, but also because they have plenty of room for instructors or more experienced family members. Kayaking is something that people can take up at any age, but that first trip out onto the water can be daunting without a reassuring voice in your ear – sit-on-tops allow for another canoeist to be present in the boat, meaning that parents can supervise their children and tutors can offer help to their protégés every step of the way.

The sit-on-top style of kayak also makes a great addition to any personal fleet. Those avid kayakers who hit the water multiple times a week can often find that sit-inside kayaks can restrict their legroom and may become uncomfortable after a long session on the lake or the river. Sit-on-tops don’t restrict the legs and can often make a great addition to a personal collection for those who like to try many different styles of kayaking, with different kayak models and brands.

Ms Hale added, “Whether you’re a total beginner or you just want to expand your own fleet of canoes and kayaks, the sit-on-top is a must-have in any collection, and a great starter boat for those who can see themselves hitting the lake on a more regular basis.”

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