Scotland Popular for Sea Kayaking

Sea kayaking has become a very popular pastime activity in recent years. Especially in Scotland where you would find some of the finest sea kayaking in Europe. Scotland is also home to the only long distance sea kayaking trail in Europe. Therefore it is not surprising that it has also become one of the top destinations for sea kayaking holidays.
One of the leading sea kayaking tour providers in Scotland, Unexplored Scotland, has announced some more exciting tours for the 2015 summer season. One of these is an adventurous sea kayaking tour along the Scottish sea kayaking trail taking participants from the busy harbour town of Oban to Mallaig. Oban has some of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Scotland and is for most people known as the gateway to Mull. This would be also true for the tour Unexplored Scotland provides. The Lord of the Isles tour will take people to the beautiful Isle of Mull, which is rich in sea wildlife and one of the best places in the country to see basking sharks. There is also a lot of history to be seen. The area is known for being the stronghold of the Lord of the Isles who was one of the most powerful ‘kingdoms’ in Scotland. Even though it wasn’t a kingdom gave the King of the Scots in the middle ages a run around. The Lord of the Isles was defeated in the late 15th century and disbanded.

Today you can still see traces from the glory of the past with castles scattered along the coast. Tobermory, which is the capital of Mull is arguably the most beautiful coastal town in Scotland. With its colourful seafront houses it is very striking when approached by the sea. North of Mull is the Ardnamurchan peninsula, one of the most exposed headlands on the west coast of mainland Scotland. It has been recently on national news because a container ship ran aground near the headland of the peninsula.

For people who like beaches the Arisaig archipelago is one of the best places in Scotland to enjoy a day at the beach. It is one of the best sea kayaking heavens in Scotland, with many sheltered beaches and rather friendly seals.