Rail travel is growing in popularity all the time

Rail travel is growing by leaps and bounds as it is economical, comfortable and fast. Amadeus, the rail technology company, in a recent survey revealed that long distance rail travel is bound to increase multi-fold over the next 10 years. The report was to gauge the position of the industry and the factors which shall play a prominent role in 2020.

The report revealed that there will be a 20% increase in the number of passengers travelling by rail by 2020. There are to be 1.36 billion passengers using rail transport which seems unprecedented presently. There of course has to be a reason for this spur in rail travel. The report lists of factors such as infrastructure improvements, better technology and other complimentary factors as reasons for this change.

An important finding in the report is regarding the factors that should influence passengers in the future – liberalisation, cooperation between air and rail travel, higher speed trains, new players in the markets resulting in higher competition and a consequent change in rail costs. Interestingly, the findings are not restricted to the UK but extend to France, Germany and Switzerland.

The rationale behind the study is important. The director of Amadeus Rail, Thomas Drexler, stated that the purpose of the report was to broach the concept of cross-border rail services across Europe.

There does exist a proposal in the EC to make a Single European Transport Area. With an expected fillip in the users of rail transport, it is indeed a wise option to bring about a uniform rail system which has to start with booking and ticketing services as well as data exchange.