North East holiday parks

When it comes to finding a holiday park, those doing the organising will, nine times out of ten, find themselves looking at the southern regions under the mus-comprehension that there is more to do down there than anywhere else and that the weather is better. Whilst the latter may be true at certain times of year, the former is certainly not so, and there are many other regions that have much to offer the visitor and are also an awful lot cheaper than those down south.

The North East of England is one of those areas that people tend to overlook, yet when they do have reason to visit cannot stop singing its praises and start planning their next trip there. There are 6 top quality holiday parks in the North East at Berwick, Cresswell Towers, Crimdon Dene, Haggerston Castle, Sandy Bay and Whitley Bay. Run by top companies Park and Haven, these sites have everything that their southern siblings have, and wonderful surroundings to boot.

You cannot ignore the fact that this area of mainland Britain, which borders Scotland, is much maligned for its weather. It in invariably several degrees cooler due to being further north, but for little ones the temperatures are a lot easier to handle than in the south. The beauty of a holiday park is that even if it is overcast or a there is some drizzle, there is so much to do that the kids won’t even realise the inclement weather.

With so much to do on the parks you may not feel like venturing out for your whole trip, but if you do, there is a host of major attractions on the doorstep, as well as some of the most glorious countryside and rugged coastlines you will find anywhere. If you are considering taking a break this summer in a UK holiday park, don’t go straight past those in the North East, see for yourself what they are offering, you won’t be disappointed.