Natural erosion has given the Cornish coast many beautiful coves and bays

The northern coastline in Cornwall that faces the Atlantic has become extremely eroded over time as it has been batted with strong winds and waves from the Atlantic Ocean.

This has caused many bays and coves to form, and one of the most notable is St Ives Bay.

Here you will find incredible sandy beaches, beautiful cliffs, a nature reserve, as well as plenty of water sports to entertain visitors. This part of the coastline is incredibly beautiful and for this reason it has become a popular destination for holidaymakers.

Right at the southern tip of the bay you will find the river Hayle flowing into the ocean. This has caused a tidal estuary to form and even during winter this never freezes. This has made it very popular with birds and every year thousands come to the area as part of their migration.

There is a nature reserve here created by the RSPB and the site is notable for its marine conservation. Visiting the reserve here is a fantastic experience and there is no charge associated with it, although a donation is encouraged.

St Ives itself is a delightful small town which has become very popular with tourists. During the summer months the streets will become filled with visitors hoping to enjoy the summer weather. The beaches here stretch for miles and are completely safe for swimming which makes them very popular with families.

As you might expect the range of accommodation in the area is extensive and you are sure to be able to find something to suit both your budget and requirements. You will find everything from hotels to self catering apartments. Restaurants are also common and as well as finding affordable places, there are also plenty of more high-profile restaurants for those looking for something a bit special.