National Forest Way Long Distance Trail to Be Unveiled Soon

National Forest Way, the new long distance trail will be opened to the public for the first time on May 17th. It has taken five years to create the trail and obtain the permissions needed for the path’s to take walkers across the length of The National Forest. The trail will be an impressive 75 miles long and will reach from the Beacon Hill Country Park in Leicestershire to the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. It can be walked in either direction and has been split into 12 stages with leaflets available for pickup at every stage so that walkers can travel it at their own leisure.

“The National Forest Way is a great way to explore the variety of The National Forest,” said Sophie Churchill, Chief Executive, National Forest Company. “It’s suitable for experienced and new walkers alike, and is full of surprises. I ‘test walked’ it and loved getting a sense of the whole of the Forest –the varied and unexpected aspects of this transformed landscape, all framed by woodland. The trail leads through young and ancient woodlands, market towns and the industrial heritage of this changing landscape at the heart of the Midlands.”

Fisher German’s Ashby de la Zouch office is based at the heart of The National Forest and sponsors the National Forest Way. Partner Andrew Bridge, who has been involved in the project since it started, said: “I have also walked parts of the National Forest Way and enjoyed every minute of it. I know this area well and the transformation has really helped make the trail options clearer and easier for everyone to enjoy.”

Catherine Graham-Harrison, Chair of the National Forest Company, said: “The opening of the Way is like a coming of age for us. Many years’ work has gone into creating the Forest, with more than 8 million trees having been planted and new habitats created and maintained – meadows, grassland, wetland, and, of course, woodland. There’s still more to do, alongside our partners and local communities, to create and maintain this wonderful forest for everyone, but the opening of the long distance trail is a marvellous way to show how far we’ve come.”

The National Forest Way is accompanied by leaflets, online information and clear signage, and with links into the main towns across the Forest it will attract people who love walking, exploring the English countryside and discovering new places.

The National Forest Way has been created by a partnership of the National Forest Company and Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire County Councils, with the generous support of Fisher German and the valuable contribution of local landowners.

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