More and more are realising all that Wales has to offer the holidaymaker

Wales is a very popular destination for people in the UK to head to for a holiday, and the chances are that if you are from the UK you have fond memories of visiting Wales as a child. It is a destination that is very popular with families, especially in the summer months when the weather is fantastic. Walking is one of the most popular activities in Wales, and by doing this here you are going to enjoy a spectacular amount of scenery.

You will find over 200 coastal walks here, as well as the incredible Pembrokeshire National Park, which is a glorious destination to explore on foot. This area was first declared as a national Park over 60 years ago, and it still today remains one of the only national parks in the UK, which is mostly coastal. For those who enjoy the outdoors, this is a wonderful destination to head to, as the hiking is challenging, but also beautiful.

Although some parts are challenging, there are all sorts of walks here that will suit people of all abilities. If you are looking for a gentle walk with your family, or challenging hikes for the experienced person, you are sure to find it here. Because hiking is so popular here, there are plenty of guides available, and you will easily be up to find a route that is suited to your requirements.

There are also a wide range of walks available of different lengths, and you will be sure to find something that suits the amount of time you have to go hiking. Overall, Wales and this National Park, are a wonderful destination for a domestic holiday.