Kent has so many beautiful castles

If you are a lover of history, particularly of the medieval kind, then you will love the county of Kent, which is home to more castles that any other part of England. By taking time to explore as many of these as you can you will effectively bring the past magically back to life.

Leeds Castle, situated in Maidstone, will give you an experience that is truly memorable, and there is also an outstanding programme of events that offer entertainment to all age groups. This King of the Kent castles is also renowned for its old fashioned jousting tournaments with two knights duelling against each other on horseback and this is a thrilling spectacle that is like taking a very large step back in time.

Unlike the other Kent castles, Leeds castle in set on two islands that sit in the River Len, and the actual castle is home to many artefacts dating from the English Civil War, including some outstanding Cuirassier armour.

Hever Castle represents Tudor times and was the childhood home of the second wife of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn. There is a permanent display here of many paintings from the Tudor period as well as prayer books which belonged to Anne Boleyn. Hever Castle also hosts displays of archery in the summer and is a big drawer for visitors who want to explore the gardens and the mazes as well as relax by the beautiful lake.

Dover has a very special reputation among the castles of Kent as one which has been a stronghold through numerous battles and wars through the ages, and it is located on the cusp of the English channel.

Dover Castle has a history as one that has had great tactical advantage for the military from as far back as the Napoleonic Wars through to WWII, the latter of which is marked by the White Cliffs attraction that lets tourists tour the secret tunnels underneath the castle.