Kent epitomises England in summertime

England is well known for its beautiful countryside and the county of Kent is a typical example. With a long history in both agriculture and horticulture thanks to the warmer climate, the area is known as the “Garden of England,” and with good cause.

Kent is located in the south east of England and is close to both the Gatwick and Heathrow international airports; regular flights land from the USA every day. Easily accessible by rail, it is a short one hour train trip into London.

Only 18 miles separate Kent from France and the coastline is a major part of the English Channel. So it comes as no surprise to find a history reflecting past conflicts and the influence of the military. The many castles dotted along the coast were built especially to ward off any French invasion, and there were many US Defence personnel stationed in the area during the Second World War.

Dover castle is an historic example of the Iron Age, dating back as far as the 12th century and is recognised as one of the oldest castles in Britain. It has been well maintained and is open for public viewing at specific times of the year.

Further inland from Dover is Canterbury which can also trace its history back to ancient times. The cathedral has world heritage status and was constructed in 587AD. Canterbury is a “student town” thanks to its two universities and provides the setting for “Canterbury Tales” a classic book by Geoffrey Chaucer.

With Kent being central to both London and Paris, Kent deservedly has a grand reputation as a place to experience life in the English countryside. Full of diverse people and rich in history, it’s no wonder Kent is becoming increasingly popular as a place to stay and to visit.