It was a black Wednesday this week as far as travel was concerned

Dense and concentrated fog interrupted many travel plans on Wednesday; road were jammed, some flights were delayed and others were cancelled, and tube services were blocked. The havoc was reportedly so intense that it affected the mainline railway stations too.

The fog was expected to lift but by the evening it became worst and Heathrow, which had already cancelled 70 flights, had to continue to do so. London City Airport also had to divert six flights that were supposed to land early in the morning. The temperature plunged into the minuses during the evening, and the maximum reading taken that day was 10°C (14°F).

Due to unfavourable weather conditions, a number of sections and roads were blocked off temporarily and many junctions in Yorkshire were closed before the evening. Unexpected wire problems caused 50-minute delays of the trains in the rush hour between Bedford and Luton and a train broke down at the junction of Watford which kept many passengers held up for an hour.

Some train services between Seaford and Lewes were also affected on Wednesday because of electrical supply glitches and signalling problem also caused terrible hold-ups to the train services. A train broke down at Bathgate that also caused delays between Edinburgh and Airdrie and the coldest spot reported on Wednesday was Tulloch Bridge where temperature dipped down as low as -10.7°C.