Increase in UK visitors following Olympic Games

The UK seems to have shed off the trend of having low numbers of visitors, after the Olympic games, to host-cities of the games. This is by no means an accident and is due to the aggressive marketing plan which lowered prices to meet the high demand.

VisitBritain’s director of travel, trade and business travel for North America, Carl Walsh, has said that there are a couple of factors, since the country is the first Olympic host to launch a marketing campaign a day after the games ended; the “great” campaign. Major tour companies were also doing their specials for the year 2013 during the same period, and there was a lot of pent-up demand.

According to VisitBritain’s data, the first five months of 2013 have experienced an increase in visitors of 2% compared to 2012, and this is the strongest start since 2008. The expenditure by visitors was 10%, an all-time high.

The year will experience a 3% increase in the total number of visitors which is equivalent to a million more visitors above the 2012 figures. In 2012, the country was visited by 31 million international tourists, a figure that was 1% higher than that of 2011.

This trend is the result of the aggressive marketing by VisitBritain, destination marketing organs and tour operators and travel suppliers as well as the kind of exposure that the country got during the games held last year.

London based wholesaler, JacTravel has carried out a research that says strong deals in the market are also responsible for the recovery. JacTravel’s president and chief commercial officer, Mario Bodini said that people who would have come to London during the games stayed away due to the high prices that the games caused. The good prices this year are the reason why tourists have come back to the city this year.