How to Find a Great Gift for Her

There is always a certain level of anxiety when buying a gift for someone; it can be a challenge to find something that is appropriate and acceptable but also loved and appreciated. If you are looking for a gift for a special woman in your life, the following tips might just help you make your decision. We’ll give you some insight into how to find a great gift for her, no matter who she is.

For your Mother:

When buying a gift for mum (or auntie or granny) you want to consider whether you are going for something she needs or something she might want. If you can, it is always nice to tick off both marks.

Mothers also often tend to have everything they need, but if you are clever you can find a good gift to fit in with the scheme. A new release book or film, a bottle of fine wine, or a gourmet subscription are good examples of things that will please. There is also the option of a lovely framed family photo; the idea is to choose something that she will love but cannot possibly have already.

A Female Colleague: 

Whether she’s your superior, an office mate, female client or partner, the name of the game when shopping for any business associate is ‘appropriate’. You need to find a gift that is completely platonic yet elegant.

Food gifts work well, as do fine kitchen items such as a beautiful bowl or vase. A gift voucher for a restaurant or an executive pen are also good choices.

For your Love:

When it comes to your romantic love interest you can really pull out all the stops. If you are not normally the most romantic partner, this could be your chance to turn on the charm!

Think overflowing bouquets of red roses or vibrant tropical flowers; a rich, indulgent box of fine chocolates; sumptuous cashmere scarf, handbag, jewellery or fine French perfume.

For your Sister:

With a sister you can go for something a bit more quirky or personal. Look for a gift that commemorates your time as kids together. Or, buy her an item that will make her life easier. It all depends on her age, but think of things like a fancy hand blender or a set of towels.

If nothing seems quite right, here is a list of virtually no-fail gifts for female family members and your sweetheart:

A plush robe. It is easy to find the right size robe, they fill a box nicely and you can almost guarantee it will be used. The box can then be wrapped beautifully with a big bow.
A fine sweater, scarf, gloves or slippers. As with a robe, these clothing gifts are not difficult to size. Choose something in a solid, neutral colour if you are unsure of her preferences.
Gourmet gift basket or box of fine chocolates. You just can’t go wrong with a gift that indulges her sweet tooth or savoury cravings. Gourmet gifts can also include fresh organic produce, whole grain pasta or artisanal granola; they don’t have to be unhealthy.
–Why not? Buy the woman in your life a cool tablet or watch with internet. You can personalise it with a playlist of her favourite songs, set the wallpaper with a great photo or leave her a sweet message.

And for a business acquaintance:

Executive pen. How much you would like to spend is up to you. A pen with an elegant wrapped case makes for a nice presentation; not too flashy but still impressive.
A bottle of fine wine or spirits; provided she does drink. This is a good gift because it can be wrapped well, keeps indefinitely and can be opened whenever she pleases.
A paperweight. Think Murano glass or another fine artistic paperweight. It can be displayed on her desk and actually serves a purpose.

Use these tips to help find the perfect gift for her!