Holiday parks in the UK have something for everyone

Holiday parks are something that people typically associate with just caravans, but this is often not the case and there are usually many apartments and lodges also available to guests. Some companies in the UK have been so successful at the holiday park business that they are actually more close to resembling resorts there days.

These holiday parks tend to target a wide range of customers and this can often depend on the time of year. During the school holidays families are usually targeted but outside these holidays, marketing is targeted towards the older generation. Some particular resorts have become popular with young people who are organising a hen party.

The largest park operator in the UK is Park Resorts. They have nearly 40 locations which are spread throughout the country and most of them are close to the beach. These resorts are mostly made up of caravan accommodation, but there are also many bungalows and lodges available. Two of the resorts even have hotel rooms that can be rented.

One of the most famous companies operating in the country is Haven. All of the accommodation on these parks is in caravans and most of their locations are again near to the beach. Almost all of the parks also have swimming facilities and many of them are quite advanced.

As these holiday parks become more popular they have expanded and many now have other forms of entertainment. Most have at least one restaurant and some form of evening entertainment. Children will be welcome at these holiday parks as well because there are often dedicated activities for them.

For parents this can be a great opportunity to relax as they won’t need to supervise their children when they are involved with one of the activity groups. There are also plenty of activities for children and parents to engage in together.