Hogwarts The Solution For Holiday-makers On A Budget

First there was the high end bed and breakfast and the boutique hostels followed by spare room rentals in homes and the upscale hostels. However, now there is one more budget travel trend: actual university rooms. This trend includes booking accommodation in a university residence after the student has left for his or her holiday.

Provided by UniversityRooms.com, in order to fully see how great this option is you have to toss aside the idea of rock hard beds and musty dorm rooms because in the past decade universities have gone through a lot of work turning dorms into great places to live. Now standard dorm rooms come with en-suite bathrooms, crisp sheets, and even three meals if you are lucky.

UniversityRooms.com is one of the UK’s best-kept secrets – where guests can stay in a college or hall of residence for as little as £35 per night out of term time – often in very central locations, sometimes in architecturally stunning surroundings – eating breakfast in the Hogwarts dining hall at Christ Church in Oxford for example – and what’s more, it’s always affordable.

From the grandeur and historical significance of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham to the more modern but equally conveniently located halls in London, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Cardiff and Exeter – there’s a university room in most of the major UK cities, as well as over 40 cities in Europe, Canada and Australia.

Whether you’re looking to immerse yourself in history on a city break for two, put up your relatives for a special occasion or wedding, stay for a reunion, conference or graduation, there’s something for everyone.

Follow in the footsteps of politicians and statesmen in historic Oxford, the oldest university in the English speaking world. Visit the newly revamped Ashmolean Museum, take a stroll around Christ Church Meadow followed by drink at your college’s bar. Visit Cambridge, famous for poets and future kings, where a walk through the Backs and taking up punting are a must. Stay in a real castle in Durham, the perfect base for visiting the city’s cathedral and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

London’s hotel accommodation is both in short supply and often eye-wateringly expensive. For your next visit why not consider the impeccably refurbished Prince’s Gardens in South Kensington or the University of London’s rooms in Bloomsbury. UniversityRooms.com offers a diverse collection of rooms in the capital from as little as £40 per night.

As Charlie Ramsay, founder of UniversityRooms.com explains: “The secret is slowly getting out– thousands of people every year are now booking with UniversityRooms.com for centrally located city accommodation that leaves them with money in their pocket compared to a hotel. And for Universities this has become a vital income stream, enabling investment in rooms and subsidy of student rates during the term time”.

If you’re looking for a lesson in thrift with a good location, fun atmosphere and perhaps history thrown in, UniversityRooms.com can provide it.