Hogmanay holidays

With the weather bringing chaos and misery to many over Christmas, it shouldn’t surprise us that there has been a huge surge of interest in New Year breaks. As the weather forecast is better in the north than the south, for a change, much of the interest has been north of the border where Hogmanay is a major part of the calender and celebrated with much more gusto than New Years Eve is in other parts of the UK.

Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, the list goes on and on of where you can take a great break and celebrated Hogmanay as Robbie Burns intended us to. Much revelry takes place in Scotland that makes the English celebrations look rather feeble. You will find massive celebrations taking place in all the major Scottish cities, with banquets, concerts featuring international artists and the now essential fireworks all part of the celebrations.

Thanks to rail and coach links it is easy to get to any of these place for Hogmanay and you can either go with an organised tour or make all your arrangements yourself. As with any kind of break, the latter will often work out cheaper but can be time consuming, so weigh up the cost against your time to work out which is best for you.

If you don’t fancy making the long trek north, particularly if you are in the south of England then it should be easy enough to find some kind of celebration taking place within easy travelling distance. If you have had a fun but tiring Christmas with all the family around, a New Year break could be just the thing to end the year with a bang and help you relax and prepare yourself for the New Year and whatever challenges it may present.